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A&S Southwood Furniture Upholstery repair and restoration service deals with international designer quality fabrics and custom handmade craftsmanship for commercial & residential: sofas, restaurants, booths, etc.


We provide a specialist service for the repair and restoration of your furniture upholstery, allowing you to enjoy an extended life from your prized pieces of furniture. Find a specific color you want and we can match it as all the work is undertaken by highly trained and qualified craftsmen ship. Our services also include making custom furniture such as

• Headboards
• Ottomans
• Sofa
• Chairs
• Benches
• Pillows
• Bed skirts.
• And Many more


We also do touch-ups for your furniture which requires repair or re-upholstery. Our goal with each item we finish is to create a finish which delights the eye yet will sustain regular use.


We offer a variety of styles and brands selection of fabrics including leather and silks, so you can find the best San Francisco Upholstery Service that fits your taste. All of our material comes from brands you can trust and continually update our fabrics to provide you with the latest in upholstery trends.


If you have a query about the furniture repair  our upholstery service, you may come to our workshop or send an e-mail of your furniture photographs. We will look in advance of any work being undertaken so that we can give you the correct information.